Tile Grout & Tile Cleaning

Tile CleaningWhat color did your tile grout used to be?

Like carpet your tile grout traps all kinds of nasty dirt, grime, allergens and odor-causing bacteria turning the original color a stained muddy brown.

This stuff won’t go without a fight.

You could spend hours mopping or days on your hands and knees scrubbing, but:

  • Mops are better at spreading than removing
  • Mops make the problem worse pushing filth into grout lines
  • Grout’s rough texture absorbs and locks in filth
  • Scrubbing takes days (and a lot of tooth brushes)

Getting grout and tile clean requires pressure – we’ve got it

A high powered, truck-mounted extractor

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We put our truck-mounted extractor in reverse pushing nearly 1,000 psi of hot water and green cleaning fluid through to the surface of the grout.

Tile Cleaning Special

  • $0.35 per Sq. Ft.